YouTube for Real Estate? Now I’ve Seen It All!

2472 San Diego Court, Claremont

One can find just about anything on YouTube.  If you think back to the days when it was an unfamiliar reference, and follow the journey through those interesting days when you found your first colleague unknowingly searching for ‘utube‘ and watched them wonder what this fad was all about, all the way to today, you’ll realize YouTube has become quite the resource.

And that’s the point.  Now we can seen it all. 

When you search for ‘real estate’ on YouTube, you’ll find such gems as Barbara Corcoran’s last ABC News segment, several ‘how to get rich quick’ videos, some huge industry experts who are willing to share their tips, and, me.  Well — we’ll see just how well I can put my SEO experience to work and make it easy to find, and it’ll be ever so public just how many or how few find it a resource with its posting of how many views each video receives.   All that aside, it’s a huge resource, a wealth of reality.

So, with no further ado, here’s my YouTube channel

(I didn’t know it was an official channel — I’m a bit of a tech-head, but my husband explained that if you can post, you have a channel.) Pardon my naïveté while I experiment with posting, formats, and content.  It’s tough choosing what’s relevant, but my guide is sharing a piece of relevant reality in my local market from my point of view.

My first video was from a cool house in Diamond Bar on Los Cerros — it was one of the first houses built in that city in the fine year of 1962, but in my amateur video one might find a glimpse of what it might have been like to be the first home on that perch, way back then in 1962.  My second video, I’m sharing here along with my channel, was from another grand spot, from an open house I hosted over the weekend that backs up to a local Claremont point of interest: the Thompson Creek Trail.

The Thompson Creek Trail is known as a sanctuary for the wilderness lover — it reminds me so much of what my father must have traversed independently in his youth growing up in upstate New York with all its autumn leaves, wilderness, creeks, nature, and foothills.  It’s a beautiful place, rich with color, life, and wonder, and it’s a local lore that draws many families to frequent its winding curves through 2.8 miles of paved trails, parks and neighborhoods.  It’s a part of Claremont than can’t be left out, so I wanted to take the opportunity to share it.

So, you see, it’s not such a strange idea: youTube for Real Estate.   Today’s posting should offer a glimpse of Claremont’s natural beauty — it’s something to see when you’re in town.  I can’t talk about strange ideas, natural beauty, real estate, and seeing reality without sharing this bit I learned through my open house experience on San Diego:  the properties in this area sell in days — call me if you’d like more of a story about this, or anything real estate related at all.

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