Everyone Loves Claremont!

During my Saturday morning errand-run, I ran into a few healthy signs indicating Everyone Loves Claremont!Claremont had lots of activity this morning.  Unique to today were all the balloons, flags, and hoopla from the new Taylor Morrison homes called Citrus Glen at Pitzer Ranch.  They have one structure complete, and several others are started, but Today was the first day the models were open to the public.

The line of interested buyers on foot wrapped around and down the street waiting for the model sales office to open.  I happened to be driving by just as the office was opening, and cars were lined up and down Baseline from Monte Vista/Padua to the Church of Latter Day Saints.  I saw four cars in the west-bound lanes scurry to make a u-turn in front of me.  This was not the first time it occurred to me that people really want to live in Claremont…

I won’t take a sales-pitch turn here — if you’re interested in Claremont homes in the low 400’s, now is the time to get your name on their interest list — there are only 50 homes built in the development, and based on the line, there will be some competition to get one of these properties.  Be sure to share my name on the paperwork at the outset, naturally!  Judging again by the activity I saw this morning, this would not be a bad investment, depending on what you wanted to put into your investment.  A great rental resource for those considering owning a rental is the website http://www.rentometer.com.

For more information on this community, click here.

The second sign I ran into indicating Everyone Loves Claremont is easy to spot on just about any day of the week.  Coming up Mills, north before the Fire Station at Pomello, one will immediately notice the traffic parked along this residential street.  As you wonder who on earth is having a party at 9 o’clock in the morning, you’ll realize it’s something bigger than one house having a party…  You’ll see bikes flung up onto bike racks, walkers, runners, hikers, people with walking sticks, in groups, and going solo — people moving everywhere you look.  The Claremont Loop, the Thompson Creek Trails, and several other connected parks, walkways, and paths along the foothills of Claremont are ALWAYS busy teeming with busy-bodies, just moving their heart-rate to the beat of an athletic drum.

These were just the two of the signs I saw this morning that indicate …… Everyone Loves Claremont!

Taylor Morrison's Citrus Glen At Pitzer Ranch, Claremont

Taylor Morrison’s Citrus Glen At Pitzer Ranch, Claremont


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