Did You Have Your Wheaties?

pre BHHS Launch Party

pre BHHS Launch Party

Most Realtors have interesting career stories — it takes a lot to motivate one to become a Realtor, and it takes even more stamina to stay in the game over each hurdle. A former very interesting and seasoned building industry colleague of mine, rebar Rex Milam, used to ask on days like today: Did you have your Wheaties? It was usually at the outset of a Cherry Pie for President’s Day promotion, or some such momentous day in the world of commodities trading. You knew when you started hearing Wheaties references, you betta get ready!

Today is a Wheaties kind of day — a point in time where you knew you needed your stamina, knew something grand this way starts, and where you marked the day ahead with lots of exciting and profound activities. Today is the day Prudential California Realty’s Mulhearn Group transitions over to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Today is the day the cabernet and creme signs start rolling out, the day our email changes, and a day to remember.

Pix from today – quick selfie at the entrance of the Grand pre-launch party. If you haven’t already — go get your Wheaties — it’s gonna be a grand day of firsts!

Happy Hunting, and hollar if you need anything in the way of Real Estate — it’s gonna be busy and I’m here for you.

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