Tuesday’s Attempt at a Titilating Title: Monday Mortgage Minute or Tuesday’s Tip?

First, I have to admit I’m just coming off reading the WordPress article about influencing ‘shareability’ in your posts5 tips for Social Media sharing so I should warn you, this post is going to feel a little ‘off’ on the first read. Neurolinguistic programming was not on the list, but there’s no denying that my reference to a second read is testing if NLP should have been #1 on the list.

Second, I’ll admit I’m falling for what I accuse my in-between pre-teen and all those millennials of:

follower obsession.

While I’m not sincerely obsessed, and I can justify my interest in my followers with natural goal-oriented January benchmarks, it is curious to me that I have very silent followers.  (hint, hint…

Regardless of that nonsense — here’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it: I will help 25 families in 2014, and I can’t know if I’m helping them without a little feedback, or without a confirmation that I’m offering genuine valuable content to someone.

So, forgive me as I ask for your vote on the very simple matter of what to call my bi-weekly mortgage/finance info sharing post.  

{I sincerely don’t want to overstep my welcome, so we’ll just go with every other week}.  Mortgage/financing information is certainly changing fast enough to offer more frequent lengthier content, but my job is primarily to get you the resources, start things off, and go from there.

Before I give you the first video in this series, I’ll tell you why I think a quick, close-to-3-minute mortgage/financing video series is both useful and warranted:

life, our hopes, dreams, and inspirations, society, business, money, real estate, communication, thought, technology, and information sharing are all moving so quickly ahead — almost beyond us.  I call it: faster than life.  This translates to video.  We see so much first, now, before experiencing it.  It’s great in some ways — bridges distance and gaps, facilitates learning anywhere and everywhere, asynchronously, on our terms, but it’s also scary —  seen the new touch-screens available that throw your documents into the cloud? Wild!

Without further ado, here’s my first in a series designed to offer a quick minute with an expert who’s seen and experienced everything mortgage/financing in the form of a video for the thought cloud.  I asked Jennifer Booker of GEM Mortgage to share and answer the question she is asked most often in today’s market.  It likely comes as no surprise: the top questions she answers daily are about short sales.  Here’s what she shared with me on purchasing after a shortsale.

I’d love to know what you think:

Monday Mortgage Minute, or Tuesday’s Tip?

And is this true for you: toss the 100+ Monday morning emails except the important ones in order to start reading each one Tuesday?

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