Almost Perfect: What to do When There’s One Little Hitch in Your Giddy’Up

After a very active weekend hosting open at a hot property in San Dimas all weekend, I’ve got my horse lingo on, and I’m all saddled up and wearing green to share a few resources for what to do when you find a property that’s almost perfect.

My real estate colleague and team mate, Michelle Jett found one of these properties in Pomona yesterday in the historic district close to Lincoln Park on Monroe.  She shared some video of her almost perfect find here exterior and 2nd interior video here:

Our recommendation for properties that are almost perfect is to first talk with your Lender/Financier.  Many buyers today, especially first-time buyers aren’t aware of the full spectrum of today’s financing options.  And your lender may just have a perfect option in their toolkit.  Watch here as my lending colleague, Jennifer Booker with GEM Mortgage talks about the 203 option.

In the midst of an inventory shortage we sometimes get used to moving on to the next house when it’s not a perfect fit. But talking with your lender might just seal the deal, making perfect a reality.

That’s all for now — happy hunting, happy trials, May the Road (and trail) Rise to Meet You, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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