Random Post Here — w/Matching Random PiX

So busy, so much to do… Being a Realtor is almost as hard as being a mother of twins.  Cliche, but true ….

Anyway, this post is random, sparse, but dense.  No canned, paid, posts here….. this is all me.

Top questions I get at dinner parties… (HA!– mother of 5 year olds… no dinner parties here…. just open houses, lots of phone calls, P.I.-like investigative work, crazy puzzles, meeting new buyers and sellers, and awesome flexible time well-spent with family)

1) What do you think of the market….

2) What do you think about all the cash investors….

3) Who do you recommend for….

I have relevant answers for all three:

1) market is great — really.  I don’t see anything changing till after elections.  C’Mon — we’re California, we have land, we have population, we have work, and besides, we’re always a smart investment, even if companies are leaving to Texas — we have coast, we are the agricultural haven of the world – now let’s hang on to it and get some more, just watch that water usage, would ya?  We’re headed for the 70’s and 90’s again with water restrictions, so use it wisely, and some wise cities are even offering incentives for those drought resistant landscape solutions:) — how’s that for a canned, Spring, go plant your garden ‘helpful real estate tip’?  That’s how you know your Realtor pays someone else to write their blog — this year’s spring tip will be the same as last year’s, or the same as their competition’s… none of that here 🙂

2) cash investors — I think it’s getting much harder for them, and I think they have an important role.  Bottom-line: the goal of anything in real estate is to achieve ‘best and highest usage’ of the real estate before us.  When you see a property that simply won’t get financed because of its liabilities, risks, and hazards from neglect and distress, it really requires a cash investor to take on the risk, the hazard, and the neglect in order to put the property to best and highest use — I wouldn’t want a first-time homeowner to have to take on that risk — they’d lose their shirt, mind, and soul without the experience.  It’s harrowing work to discover some of the things they uncover.

3) recommendations – Realtors see it all when it comes to properties.  Some realtors shy away from recommending anyone, or endorsing products.  Not me — I’m going to tell my clients and colleagues what I see and learn from what comes back.  Last week I uncovered two things I have to share: a local business that I dare you to disagree with me on– they are the best!  And a Realtor App when coupled with a tablet really put the ‘OPEN’ in Open House.

Connie and Dick’s is a Claremont auto repair shop that I can’t speak highly enough of.  First, I found them through a pure referral.  You know — the kind where you ask one specialist, and they tell you honestly they can’t do what you need, but aren’t afraid to share their resources with you.  I called, had a great phone exchange where information was freely offered, and got enough information to know I could drop in anytime and they’d make the time for me.  I could paint a work of art with words on how perfect, genuine, authentic, and honest my business exchange was with this local gem of a find, but I’ll let you discover this on your own in your own timing, I’m so confident that you’ll be impressed if you ever have the fortunate opportunity to use Connie and Dick’s in Claremont.

OPEN HOUSE is an app that helps the Realtor keep track of their open house.  I found this gem of a find through my colleague, Jennifer Molineux, whom I commend for her “try anything” that helps us do our jobs better spirit.  If you have the opportunity of meeting Jennifer and using the app with her, you’ll experience her great example of leveraging technology to make a true connection with buyers and sellers which classic real estate practice has always been about.  Get the APP and see if you can make the connection with your new clients.  Even if you’re not in real estate, the principle is the same.  Use the technology to maximize the spirit and intent of the job you’re doing.  I haven’t really adopted the tablet idea, personally, but this app, and Jennifer’s usage of it, hit me as an opportunity to extend traditional practices into a new realm.

OK — that’s it:  my answers to the top 3 chit-chatty questions I get.  Like the old cube space I left last week (image attached…) Pretty random, different, unique, and definitely not canned.

Happy Hunting!

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