Ok — it’s been some time since I blogged.

I think I lost my way after watching the Julia-foodie-blog-movie once too many upon the second viewing that today seems so outdated.

So, I preface: the objective of this blog always attempts to bring together tools, ideas, what’s timely and relevant, and real estate in Southern California.

Here’s some fresh squeezed lemonde from SoCal to digest this morning.

***A few endnotes out of place here:

-Please keep in mind the healing benefits of lemons during these winter flu-ridden months, bitter though they may be.

Acknowledged Disclaimer: I am a farmer’s daughter (yes, you guessed it — lemons)

-This is no commercial designed to yeild a higher price per box, rather a straight-up message from one advising and taking the addage seriously that we all make lemonade out of our lemons.

On with it: The morning news will always yeild inspriation. This morning’s Inman news had the most interesting juxtaposition of headlines. The two ideas offered a glimpse into the crop of lemons modern-day Realtors face each day. While interest rates are low, forcasts are grand, and everything looks peachy for our rosey futures, there are some lemons on the horizon that leave some tasting sour grapes.

I’m not sure how the new Americons Indie movie offering a storyline involving our recent housing crash will factor into things, nor am I sure if I’m referencing it, or its ideas — the movie comes out today, plays in select theatres (like 4 or 5 in all of SoCal from what I can see and will be a serious task to find), and without seeing it myself, I can’t offer a comment, though it’s one I want to make a point of finding.

In addition to the sour grapes long-time Realtors may taste and deal with daily, there are some technology black swans to deal with in Real Estate’s near future. I won’t talk on them now, but with this much on the table, the tables are sure to turn.

The headlines today offer these two ideas:

a National Multiple Listing Service (can you imagine if your local Realtor-next-door had the power to leverage your best interest across the country?)

the Consumer experience might be a little confusing right now. The headline reads, “How many apps did it take to find thehouse for sale next door?” — I love this…. so true. Our clients discover our value during the process, but it usurps much wasted time on their preferred platform first, unfortunately.

Both of these ideas merge into the tonic for the day, month, and 2015 for our local Southern California economy and for real estate alike. Adding a national MLS to the current mix would actually increase the value of your local Realtor-next-door, and not only that, the very two headlines this morning highlight our (I switch here from ‘your local Realtor’ to ‘our’ as I acknowledge my audience is both Realtors and Clients, family and friends) Unique Value Proposition.

The lemonade offering this morning is this: your local Realtor-next-door becomes even more valuable by the moment. No one else will understand your best insterests at the moment, positioned for and against both your local and national markets, technologies, and interests.

How’s that for making lemonade outta lemons?

And, here’s the real kicker-of-a-marketing-pitch in a digital world that I must adhere to for ratings’ sake (but it’s true: if we could see behind-the-scenes we’d value our local {insert your choice word depending on what ideas you’ve picked up in this post}”crop”, “good”, “economy”, “resource”, “Realtor” more) : And all was right in the real estate world because change is eminent and good.

Happy juicing!

workload+news headlines= daily tonic

workload+news headlines= daily tonic

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